Single Install CD ISO :-)

Will H. Backman whb at
Tue Nov 22 15:59:11 UTC 2005

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> I just wanted to express my appreciation for Ubuntu install CD being a
> SINGLE CD ISO! I used to use Fedora which is 2-4 CDs (depending on
> install). Most other "major" distros are on DVDs now too.
> A single CD is faster to download (major issue for people on dialup
> access) and only requires burning one disc (less future waste).
> I really hope Dapper is able to fit on a single CD as well!
> -Steve.

I like that Ubuntu tries to choose one tool for a task instead of trying
to include them all.  I think this helps keep the distribution lean and
focuses people on improving the shortcomings of the chosen tool.  I hope
Ubuntu doesn't lose focus.  You can't please everyone, and resources are
limited.  I'd rather have the development team devote as much time as
possible to the standard configuration instead of trying to bug fix
every possible desktop environment.

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