R S Gill rsgill at purdue.edu
Tue Nov 22 14:49:16 UTC 2005

Hi Everyone,

I recently installed Kubuntu (Breezy on AMD Athlon XP) and found it to 
be pretty slick. My one gripe though is that Kaffeine did a poor job of 
movie (avi, mpeg etc) playback.

While the files would play, often the video was jerky and the sound was 
out of sync. I installed kaffeine-xine and w32codecs but this still did 
not solve the issue.

With totem-xine however, I was able to play all my movie files without 

Could someone please suggest a way to improve playback with Kaffeine or 
suggest another KDE based media player that is not based on mplayer. I 
tried to install mplayer but it had so many unmet dependencies that I 
just decided not to install it.

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