T22 laptop battery drained.

Eric Devost ericdevost at telaneos.com
Tue Nov 22 00:41:07 UTC 2005

Thanxs for the reply guys,

That battery was suppose to be new... Good thing I aven't paid to much 
for the computer.


Eric Devost a écrit :

> Hi all,
> I just got a thinkpad T22 with a fresh Breezy install. The 
> installation worked perfectly exept that I had to turn off acpi and 
> load apm module to make the my network card recognise.
> So why am I posting ? Because my battery gets drained in 15 minutes ! 
> Do I need to tweek anything to make my battery last long enough ?
> Thanx a lot for helping.
> Eric,

Eric Devost
telaneos.com <http://telaneos.com>

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