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An snp file is a mini report and requires either office or the snp viewer
from M$. Arthur Andersen (there's a name you can trust) used to use them
when I worked there. It first became available with office 98 or 2k. It was
a way to send the report without sending the entire database or remote
printing for a 50+ page weekly report. it sucked but was better than remote
printing to a community printer a half dozen times (due to lost misplaced
pages) and the boss would not let me print directly to his printer. AA was a
bis Notes/MS SQL shop.and ALL computers had a standard configuration (in
theory anyway).

On 11/21/05, Derek Broughton <news at pointerstop.ca> wrote:
> Carlton Noles wrote:
> > Don't misunderstand MS bites and is not as readily available. My
> > experience has been that more often than not people are WAY to proud of
> > their formatting. I am just saying don't send the extra baggage if it
> > isn't necessary.
> Not only that, but .snp isn't even usable on most older Windows systems -
> and you would _have_ to have Office even on XP systems. I wouldn't even
> attempt to open something like that, I'd tell the sender to format it in
> some reasonably useful way.
> > If text is enough use text.
> Yeah, preferably that.
> > If the format is absolutely
> > essential to the information then use pdf or what ever you wish. I have
> > seen way to many messages in PDF where the only thing that mattered to
> > anyone other than the sender was the information. In such cases PDF (or
> > DOC or SNP or XLS)
> Agreed. I used to rail against PDF but I've pretty much come to accept it,
> but there's still no reason to use it where formatting is irrelevant. I
> wouldn't send XLS files even between MS shops if all they needed were the
> numbers - I'd send CSVs. I _do_ send DOCs, to my shame :-)
> > But the computer world has moved past that and now we are looking for
> > files that can be read by everyone AND keep the formatting and style
> that
> > is wanted by thesender.
> only if MS decides to support Open Document Format.
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> derek
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