.snp wtf!

Tony Ayre localzuk at gmail.com
Mon Nov 21 19:07:04 UTC 2005

On 21 Nov 2005, at 18:43, Carlton Noles wrote:

> Don't misunderstand MS bites and is not as readily available. My  
> experience has been that more often than not  people are WAY to  
> proud of their formatting.Ii am just saying don't send the extra  
> baggage if it isn't necessary. If text is enough use text. If the  
> format is absolutely essential to the information then use pdf or  
> what ever you wish. I have seen way to many messages in PDF where  
> the only thing that mattered to anyone other than the sender was  
> the information. In such cases PDF (or DOC or SNP or XLS) files are  
> unnecessary and a nuisance. I realise that with modern computing  
> technology and bandwith we can send each other incredibly over  
> formatted documents and it really won't be too much of a drain on  
> resources, However just because we can doesn't mean we should.
> But the computer world has moved past that and now we are looking  
> for files that can be read by everyone AND keep the formatting and  
> style that is wanted by thesender.
> BTW if the sender insists on sending me their latest personal life  
> news layed out like the Sunday new york times they will find their  
> email being deleted more often than read at this end.

I was referring to the original email. The company was sending a  
quote. As such, I would expect them to include a certain amount of  
branding. This is important to the business world. It is a form of  
advertising. I send most information in either text format (person  
stuff and normal business email correspondence) and in pdf (bills,  
quotes etc...). If i didn't do this then I feel that my brand would  
lose some custom due to not being a strong brand within my market.

I agree that files should be sent in a format that is readable by  
more than windows/office users (and as such should not be sent  
in .doc, .xls or indeed any format that is specific to a certain  
software), it should be sent in files such as pdf, rtf etc...

In this context, it is highly unlikely that a company would change  
its business practices and send only text files.


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