File Roller extracting rar archives

ulrich steffens ulrich at
Mon Nov 21 17:01:38 UTC 2005

Am Montag, den 21.11.2005, 14:19 -0200 schrieb Julio Biason:
> On 21/11/05, ulrich steffens <ulrich at> wrote:
> > well, thats strange, cause i'm using unrar-nonfree ONLY and it just
> > works the way it should be. what i've learnd is that unrar-free couldn't
> > handle any of the archives i had, whereas the nonfree version could
> > handle them all well.
> Hm... I couldn't use the unrar-free 'cause it couldn't handle any of
> the archives I got (although it "saw" they were RAR files).
> The official RAR, on the other hand worked like a charm on Hoary, but
> on Breezy it fails complaining about something in libc. rar_static
> works perfectly, so I move it to /usr/local/bin and change its name to
> "rar".
> --
> Julio Biason <julio.biason at>
or you could use the one thats in multiverse/utils. 
as i understand it, this is the same as the official one, only packaged
for ubuntu. that's why it's called nonfree. or am i wrong?

ulrich steffens
ulrich at

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