slower and slower

R.L.Reingard list.account at
Mon Nov 21 06:27:57 UTC 2005

hi all
does it truly has to be like that?
yesterday i did the dist-upgrade from Hoary to Breezy.
my machine is a P3 / 1,2 GHz / 256 MB RAM.
with Warty the machine started up nicely.
with Hoary the startup became already slower.
and, with Breezy it starts to became painful to wait !
(black screen for a while, flashing the screen, turning wheels for long,  
waiting there for some more seconds)
of course, these are seconds i am talking about.
still, does it truly has to be that also Ubuntu becomes slower and slower  
with every release?
i specifically hated Windows for that.
what to do on that?
kicking out some of the stuff at startup? and how to achieve that?
thanks for suggestions,

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