Stupid Newbie Disaster

Thomas Kaiser (ubuntu) ubuntu at
Sat Nov 19 18:27:27 UTC 2005


You are still john?
'Forum Post wrote:
>>Problem solved. Using the command line I disabled grub. Then my ISO
>>image of Breezy Badger was able to boot. Apparently it just needed more
>>time to start than my BIOS was giving it before booting grub. And then I
>>did a format and reinstalled Breezy Badger. Yeah, I know it was the
>>cowards way out, but it was a brand new install in the first place, so
>>I didn't really have anything to lose. So now I'm back to zero. And I
>>still have to figure out how to install my nVidia driver without
>>screwing up my system. I'm sure I'll eventually get it, but it
>>shouldn't be such a major project to install a graphics card driver.
>>Thanks for all the help. This forum is great.

If you like to install the nvidia driver do the following. But as far as 
I know, there is somewhere already a Ubuntu package with the nvidia 
driver. Maybe in "restricted"?

OK, first get the newest driver from nvidia.
Next, make sure you have the kernel-headers package installed and 
everything you need for compiling (build-essential).
Exit the Xserver (X shall not run)
Run "" (in my case) and answer the 
question. Somehow, this installer could not find the kernel-headers in 
my case, so I had to add a parameter to tell. But I don't remember. 
Anyway the installer will tell you what do do if it does not work.

This are only rough instructions, but I think you will figure it out. If 
not, ask again and I will do this on my system again and write down all 
the steps.

Hope this helps :-)

Ubuntu is not so bad, Thomas


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