GDM and Keymap problem

Ashwani Jain ashwani at
Fri Nov 18 14:59:41 UTC 2005


        I am using Ubuntu 5.10 (Breezy).  I lost the UPS power and
system got switched off without proper shutdown.      When I started it
again its X server was crashed.  Message appeared there to reconfigure
the gdm than restart the computer, as I am new to linux don't know how
to reconfigure the gdm.

    Another bigger problem it that its not accepting key strokes and if
I press UP key it says unknown key pressed.  If I press 7 it takes it as
left arrow key and 8 as right arrow key and '+' as enter key.

If run in recovery mode and than after logging in using a sudo user try
to kill gdm and run it again it returns errors:

/usr/sbin/pmi$  line   8:  /usr/share/acpi-support/device-funcs : no
such file or directory found
/usr/sbin/pmi$  line 10: DeviceConfig: command not found

    I copied all the files under /usr/share/acpi-support/* to this
system and then tried to run gdm but again gdm did not work saying 'I
can not run X server, it looks like your X server is misconfigured,
reconfigue it and run agian' and there again it does not accepts key
strokes.  But this time it did not return errors like file not found or
command not found it simply failed to run gdm without returning lines
like device-funcs file not found etc.

Please help.

Thanks & regards

Ashwani Jain
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