Breezy crashes all the time...

Christoph Bier christoph.bier at
Fri Nov 18 10:56:52 UTC 2005

Tobias Ambrosi schrieb am 18.11.2005 11:31:

> Hi!
> 2 days ago I installed Ubuntu 5.10 on a completely new HDD. And it 
> crashes all the time. Often Firefox, Openoffice, ... or even the whole 
> X-Server/Gnome crashes. Sometimes the whole system just freezes. Even 
> some widgets like Trash or so crashes and are not displayed anymore, 
> what could it be?

I try to track down similar problems with my Breezy installation.
Problems I didn't have at least with Sarge. Maybe Hoary, too, but I
can't remember because while Hoary was installed I didn't had to use
my laptop that much.

> I already did a Memorycheck, everything OK here. [...]

Does `Ctrl Alt Del' work? Do you have the possibility for remote
access? You could then check whether the whole system freezes or
just the GUI.

Which driver do you use for your video card? I observed GUI freezes
with newer nv drivers of Xorg and XFree86. Installing the nvidia
drivers fixed the problem (search the Wiki for further information;
I don't have a link.).

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