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Olafur Arason olafra at gmail.com
Thu Nov 17 14:44:37 UTC 2005

Sabayons should work well to make the profile and lock down everything,
but you could also just do the following:
use the server option to install ubuntu.
install epiphany, pessulus, xorg, Ratpoison
use pessulus to lock down epiphany as much as you like.
edit the ~/.xinitrc file:
 ratpoison &
while true; do
  sleep 1
if you disable the close feature or want x to close when closing epiphany
 ratpoison &

you can and halt at the end of that if you want, then you have to do
sudo chgrp USERNAME /sbin/halt
I think this should be enough, but this is a bit extreme.

Olafur Arason

2005/11/16, Aaron Kiley <aaron.kiley at gmail.com>:
> Hi guys,
> First post to the group so go easy on me please.
> I have worked in my office now for almost a year, and in that time I have
> converted everone over to FireFox, now, in our call centre we have bought a
> whole load of new PCs, with which I am going to be responsible for.
> Now my problem is this, I have managed to convince the Director that we
> should be putting Linux on these machines, as it would work out cheaper and
> would be easier for me to maintain. (I am not a noob or anything like that)
> I am a compitent user of Linux but not an IT administrator.....
> However, my fav distro is Ubuntu, I tried to install it on the pc but it is
> telling me it cant find a partinion to edit or install on.
> The drive works on the ubuntu live CD but not during installation, its
> located at /dev/sda
> The modell number of the computer is a Dell Optiplex GX520....
> Now the other isssue is I am up agaist 2 other distros I have to install, So
> I want to make ubuntu look its best, the others I am up against are Fedora 4
> and Suse 10.0
> On the Dell PC the controller is an Intel 82801GB Serial ATA Storage
> Controller......... The ubuntu CD does not seem to have been compiled with
> this support in the install kernel.
> Any help would be great.
> Also, as a side note, I only want to have a basic user account install, and
> once logged in the first thing that loads is a webpage and the user will not
> have any other access except to the one page in firefox. Is that possible.
> Sorry for making my first post a long one, but its something I really need
> to get sorted out soon.
> Aaron
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