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Steve bassix at
Thu Nov 17 13:58:29 UTC 2005

On 11/16/05, 'Forum Post <ulist at> wrote:
> Have any of you used jpilot with the Palm m515 and ubuntu 5.10
> (breezy)?  I use Datebk5 on my Palm, and from what I've read elsewhere,
> jpilot is the best counterpart for linux.  But if there are going to be
> issues, I'd like to know ahead of time before I plunge in.  (I'm a
> newbie, I jut installed Breezy last week and this is my first post.)
> If anyone has reasons why Evolution is better than jpilot, I'd like to
> hear those, too.
> ~~rytting

I used to use Evolution to sync to, when I had Fedora Core 3...
haven't yet set up the Palm sync in Ubuntu. The only weird thing I
noticed (however I am using the default datebook app in the Tungsten
T3), is occasionally when I edited a recurring event on the Palm,
after syncing, I would get them all duplicated in both Evolution and
Palm... I think it was a bug only affecting recurring events, but if
you use them often, be careful. Everything else worked great though
(addresses, tasks, etc).

I keep meaning to set it up again in Ubuntu.. maybe this weekend! :-)

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