Bad Minute Error in Crontab File

sean at sean at
Thu Nov 17 10:25:05 UTC 2005

> It would be helpful if, as a previous poster in this thread asked, you
> would post the contents of the file you are inputting to crontab (and
> the exact error message produced).  How else are we supposed to know
> what's happening? ;)

I think his problem is that he doesn't have a grasp of what cron is and
how it works, rather than having an incorrectly configured cron file. The
reason for the "bad minute" is because it was his shell script he put as
the parameter rather than a cron file.

Rather than re-invent the wheel, I suggest that the originator of this
thread have a read of this tutorial which I found on the web...

It seems pretty comprehensive so should be of help.

And I would repeat my advice that using "crontab <filename>" has
advantages over "crontab -e" simply in that you can keep a record of what
has been changed when.


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