Ubuntu security - spyware, viruses, cache cleaning, etc.

Sarangan Thuraisingham sarangan.thuraisingham at gmail.com
Thu Nov 17 04:06:06 UTC 2005

Eric Dunbar wrote:
> I know this could be a contentious post (and, I shy away from them so often ;-):
I too shun away from these kind of posts. Since you started it ;-)

> I suspect Windows won't be spy-ware prone for much longer.
> Given that spyware is such a *big* problem for so many of its users,
> Microsoft will have to figure out a way to make it less susceptible to
> the scourge.
I think Microsoft is beta testing there anti-spyware program -> 
Eventually they plan to rename it as Windows Defender and release it to 
the passes, hopefully for free.

> The advantage enjoyed by *nix will diminuish as Microsoft responds to
> the needs of its customer base and responds to spyware, and, as *nix
> becomes a more appealing target for spyware/adware writers (and, that
> customer base _really_ *needs* spy ware control... I'm so glad I
> currently do not, and never have run any Microsoft operating systems).
 > Eric.
  I don't think this will be a problem, though. To be successful, a 
spyware needs to install itself unknowing to the user(which is possible 
with all the features in windows, such as ActiveX, Internet Explorer IE, 
shareware, and so called usability features will open up loopholes as 
well). Also, the spyware needs to be active for some days, so as to do 
some spying ;-) and report back home.

  As you mentioned, in Linux security holes might be fixed sooner than 
Windows. And Spyware writers wouldn't be able to match the speeds of 
FLOSS volunteers; unless, they are employed by some big 
company(*cough*). Spyware/Virus writers will eventually give up, when 
they realised that they spend too much of their valuable time and get no 
monetary gains.

  Basically, it takes two sides to start a war/argument. Some people are 
happy with what they have and wouldn't change even if you give them an 
alternative. But this is a free world and people get to choose what they 
want, right?

NB: I am not trying to start a flamefest here. Just taking lil breaks in 
between my coursework ;-) I've got another 1200 words to go. Ciao :D

  - Saru
Sarangan Thuraisingham
ECS, University of Southampton, UK

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