Install Ubuntu on Areca RAID controller?

Randall J. Parr RParr at TemporalArts.COM
Wed Nov 16 22:53:19 UTC 2005

Areca RAID controllers have, supposedly, had kernel support since on or 
before kernel 2.6.12 with an arcmsr module.  There is mention in the 
2.6.14 kernel nots about updates to the driver.

I am trying to install on Ubuntu 5.10 x86_64 on a Supermicro H8DCE dual 
Opteron system with an Areca/Tekram 1220 PCIe RAID controller installed.

The Ubuntu installer does not detect the Areca RAID controller.

Is there a trick?

Is there a driver disk available?  There is not a Debian driver disk 
available but someone has makde Debian installer ISOs with Areca support 

Is there a Ubuntu installer with kernel 2.6.14 (and, of course, Areca 

R.Parr, RCHE, Temporal Arts

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