How to make my ubuntu a part of Win NT domain?

Zach uid000 at
Tue Nov 15 21:20:25 UTC 2005

Maybe the original poster can clarify what he meant, but he did say "
make my ubuntu a part of WinNT domain," and the correct answer to that
is to configure pam to use winbind--assuming it's an NT4 domain.  If
it's an AD domain, then linux can authenticate against it like it
would authenticate against any LDAP/Kerberos authentication mechanism.

Certainly, you don't *have* to join the domain in order to access
domain resources, such as shares--this is true even with windows.

However to use network-based authentication rather than local
authentication, allowing you to access network resources
transparently, then joining the domain is appropriate.

As far as the observation: "joining the domain allows others to
connect to YOUR shares,"  That's not what being part of a domain is
about.  It means using centrally managed network based user accounts
as opposed to locally managed accounts that are unique to each

If you don't have samba configured with any shares, then you don't
have any shares for others to connect to.  And if you do have shares
configured then only users to whom you have granted permission may
acccess them.

The samba documentation is really quite good.  Please check it out. 
It addresses all these things.

On 11/15/05, Phillip Susi <psusi at> wrote:
> Derek Broughton wrote:
> >
> > I know we've been almost here before, but you definitely don't need winbind
> > just to allow your Samba to connect to domain shares.  To become a genuine
> > part of the domain, I guess you would, but I do this from a machine that is
> > firewalled off from the domain (because I don't know enough about Samba to
> > be sure I don't do something bad).
> >
> Aye, joining the domain allows others to connect to YOUR shares using
> their domain username and password.  That doesn't sound like what the OP
> wanted, so I don't think that was the right advice.
> > In Kubuntu, you'd go to the control center, "Internet & Network", "Local
> > Network browsing" and simply enter your windows domain user name, as
> > DOMAIN\USER, and password. Then all attempts to mount a Windows share use
> > this.  I'm sure there must be something similar in Gnome.
> >
> That sounds more like what the OP was interested in.
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