How old of a system can I load Breezy?

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Tue Nov 15 18:27:27 UTC 2005

Such low end machines can have some useful purposes.  If you have a
network, you can run something like arpwatch.  It is a simple monitoring
application that will let you know when new computers plug into your
network.  Laptops make great monitoring stations.

You could also try using it as an X display.  Run XDMCP on a more
powerful system, and then set up the laptop to use XDMCP to become a
graphical dumb terminal.



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thanks for the info.  We'll see how this will go.  I'll have to do a
network install too. There's no CDROM.  Anyone know of any good uses for
such a crappy laptop?  I figured I could at least ssh from my living
room (no wireless, but I can pull a run easily) to my main box.    

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Good morning!

> I honestly wouldnt install breezy because I don't know how to _not_
> include all the Gnome stuff (which would never fit on the HDD nor run
> 28MB) during the install.

This page shows a way to start!


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