How old of a system can I load Breezy?

Sarangan Thuraisingham sarangan.thuraisingham at
Tue Nov 15 15:06:45 UTC 2005

> Kipton Moravec wrote:
>I have a Pentium 166 with 384M Memory and 5Gb Hard drive.  I was
>thinking of setting it up as a server to play with Apache and FTP, and a
>few other server type things.
>This is for playing, not for production, so I know it will be slow, and
>I don't care.
>I can't seem to load Breezy. Will it not load on this small of a system?
>I get Low Memory mode warnings, and it seems to be looping where it
>tries to load the network drivers.  (I think it is an old 3COM).
>It has not gotten to the point where I can partition the disk.
>I am beginning to think it will not work on a Pentium 1. What should I

I have PII(350MHz), 128 MB with 2GB HD. I did a server install of Hoary(
Breezy should have similar requirements). I run squid cache, apache-PHP
and MySQL. This is not a production version, but it's serves us well.

 - Saru
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ECS, University of Southampton, UK

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