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Dennis Kaarsemaker dennis at
Mon Nov 14 22:01:25 UTC 2005

On ma, 2005-11-14 at 08:59 -0500, John Ruschmeyer wrote:
> I've tried this basic routine before, but always had problems with
> the 
> locally built package being overwritten by the one from the
> repository 
> on the next 'apt-get upgrade'. Is there an easy way to avoid that? So 
> far, I've only been able to do it by adding a ".1" to the version
> number 
> in the debian/Changelog file. 

What I usually do (forgot that in my list) is dch -i and change the
generated version number from say '2.4.5-3ubuntu6' to
'2.4.5-3ubuntu5seveas1'. That way my version number is higher than the
latest official one, and i'd like it to be overwritten by upgrades. I
keep my patches in an archive and apply them to new version (if

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