Monitoring temperature and fanspeed graphically in Ubuntu

Ari Torhamo ari.torhamo at
Mon Nov 14 02:20:39 UTC 2005

su, 2005-11-13 kello 20:45 -0500, Chris Peterman kirjoitti:
> Its in Dapper Universe. If its not in Breezy Universe I'm sure it can be
> Backported

Krhm... I just noticed that I didn't have universe enabled :-/ I thought
I had, but I actually had just universe updates. Well, GNOME Sensors
Applett isn't in universe anyway. There are a couple of other lm-sensors
GUIs though, but none of them are Gnome apps - they are for KDE,
WindowMaker and Xfce.

Where should I go to file a request for backporting GNOME Sensors Applet
to Breezy? :-)


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