Latest ATI drivers and Radeon Express 200M - AMD64 - Breezy

Sarangan Thuraisingham sarangan.thuraisingham at
Sun Nov 13 07:18:30 UTC 2005

BBBB wrote:
> Has anyone here had success with new drivers for the ATI 200M?
> I have been trying to use the instructions on the ATI site.
> When I type ./ in the terminal I get
> "permission denied"
> When I use sudo with the command I get "command not found"
> I get the same results when trying to run ""
> Any help would be appreciated.
> At this point I am stuck at 1024 X 768.
> I would like to have the native resoulution of 1280 X 800 and working
> OpenGL.
> Is this a possibility?
> I have not been able to find a solution that I can use.
> My system:
> HP Pavilion laptop zv6270us
> AMD64 3500+
> ATI Radeon Express 200M 128MB
> Ubuntu 5.10 for AMD64
> thanks,
> Bradley
Are you sure you typed 'sudo ./' 
and not 'sudo'. If it still 
doesn't work, see if the execute bits on the file are set.
   $ ls -l ./'

If not set the using chmod
   $ chmod a+x ./

Then try running again. Good luck.

Sarangan Thuraisingham
ECS, University of Southampton, UK

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