Usplash and vt8

Peter Clark mla at
Sat Nov 12 08:32:34 UTC 2005

    I'm not sure if usplash is at fault or what, but I have the following 
difficulty: I have my desktop on vt7 (of course) and my wife, out of long 
habit, is used to having her desktop on vt8. When usplash is not installed, 
there's no problem with that arrangement, but when it is installed, her 
desktop (started by KDE's Switch User->Start New Session) ends up on vt9. 
She's used to using the keyboard to toggle back and forth between desktops, 
so is there any way to make sure that tty8/vt8 isn't blocked from being used 
by X? Is it possible to use tty6 for the bootsplash and what not? That (by my 
way of thinking) would solve the problem.

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