Internet radio

Norman Silverstone norman at
Fri Nov 11 22:22:41 UTC 2005

On Fri, 2005-11-11 at 18:58 -0300, Sebastian Bassi wrote:
> Is there a way to listen to this radio:
> ?
> I am using Ubuntu 5.10, I have some codecs installed (the ones used to
> see divx and DVD).
> I have Totem, XMMS and RealPlayer 10, but I can't listen with any of them.
> I have Totem-Xine and NOT Totem-Stream, but it seems that if I have
> Totem-xine I can't install stream, and with stream, I can't install
> Xine. Why?
> The source of the stream seems to be:

I presume you have tried Rhythmbox Music Player.


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