mailman doesn't receive mail?

Matt Price matt.price at
Fri Nov 11 21:01:53 UTC 2005


I'm trying hard to get mailman working on a ubuntu (breezy, 5.10)  server.  

I have now tried both postfix and exim4 and neither seems to work.
the situation:

- mailman service starts without error
- mailman web pages etc. all look good.
- mailman sends out subscription messages just fine
- BUT: nothing sent to the list addresses works at all.

as I said, this same situation seems to pertain whether I'm using
postfix or exim.  

This is on a server that hosts several domains, e.g.,

I have tried 
- the vanilla setup, no ocnfiguration added
- the instructions in "README.Debian.gz"
- the instructions in "READMIN.[Postfix/Exim].gz
- the mailman instructions (virtually idential to those in README.Exim.gz

anyone seen this before?  any suggestions? I have already "apt-get
remove --purge" various packages, but have yet to remove the list
archives (I have some lists inherited from another server, which ran
an earlier version of mailman on debian/sid.  But I don't see
thatthey'rethe problem...).

appreciate whateverh elp can be given!



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