FreeDOS/Ubuntu on HP laptops?

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Thu Nov 10 22:35:48 UTC 2005

MrKnisely Wrote: 

> I would suggest heading to Ubuntu Linux's website 

> (


> They have a customized CD for HP laptop support.


> I've got a NX9600 with Ubuntu on it.  5.04 worked great, but I was
> never 

> able to get my ATI video card 3d support working, and I had to use 

> NDISWrapper to get the Broadcom wireless to work.


> With 5.10 the 3d support workes GREAT.  I'm still using NDISWrapper for

> my wireless, but that's the same no matter the distro.


Did you use the 5.10 out of the box?

The only version supplied in the url you supplied is hoary, as far as I
can tell.

When I install 5.10 "out of the box" (from a burned CD that's worked on
my desktop), the X configuration is all messed up.  Would you post some
sort of walkthrough or something helping the rest of us Ubuntu fans
with HP/Compaq nx9600?  How hard was NDISWrapper to setup?

The X configuration is more immediately an issue.




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