Getting onto the network/internet...need help

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Wed Nov 9 19:14:56 UTC 2005

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I dont know if this helps or not.

Day before last a friend purchased a new Compaq from Staples. I 
installed a second drive and installed Ubuntu. He has a cable modem. I 
didnt have the modem on when I booted from the disc and I received lots 
of errors -- Im not completely sure but they may have been similar to 

I just rebooted the machine, started from scratch and this time make 
sure the modem was on. Didnt have a single problem.

When I first installed Ubuntu on my computer I was totally amazed how 
fast it was to install. It didnt ask but the basic questions and 
everything else just worked. Im still in awe at how it just works with 
my cable modem.


Carlton Noles wrote:
> I posted this in the forums with no response. Perhaps I'll have better 
> luck here. After I first installed Ubuntu I got this message on boot. 
> (by the way DHCP failed to detect during install)
> eth0: host error, FIFO diagnostic register 0000.
> eth0: PCI bus error, bus status 80000020
> those fill the screen and at the bottom is:
> eth0: Too much work in interrupt, status e003
> the screen give a little flash as the messages scroll (the last message 
> is always and only at the bottom).
> I got the system to boot by re installing and asking not to configure 
> network.
> Once booted i tried configuring connections if I used DHCP the 
> connection would not stay active. I manually configured the network 
> settings to match my settings under XP (which has no problems 
> connecting). The connection or activation i think I mean stays active. 
> (a step in the right direction I believe). However i still can't get out 
> to the Internet. In fact using the networking tools I cannot even ping 
> the router or the other machine on my network. hen I used the live cd I 
> had no problems getting out. (though I believe I did try one time after 
> the install and it didn't work).
> I still see those messages (shown above) during boot and shutdown. also 
> during boot pciehp and shpchp fail just in case that is important.
> please help.
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