Getting onto the network/internet...need help

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Could you post the output from "dmesg".  Type dmesg at the terminal



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I posted this in the forums with no response. Perhaps I'll have better
luck here. After I first installed Ubuntu I got this message on boot.
(by the way DHCP failed to detect during install)

eth0: host error, FIFO diagnostic register 0000.
eth0: PCI bus error, bus status 80000020

those fill the screen and at the bottom is:

eth0: Too much work in interrupt, status e003

the screen give a little flash as the messages scroll (the last message
is always and only at the bottom).

I got the system to boot by re installing and asking not to configure
Once booted i tried configuring connections if I used DHCP the
connection would not stay active. I manually configured the network
settings to match my settings under XP (which has no problems
connecting). The connection or activation i think I mean stays active.
(a step in the right direction I believe). However i still can't get out
to the Internet. In fact using the networking tools I cannot even ping
the router or the other machine on my network. hen I used the live cd I
had no problems getting out. (though I believe I did try one time after
the install and it didn't work). 
I still see those messages (shown above) during boot and shutdown. also
during boot pciehp and shpchp fail just in case that is important.

please help. 

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