scp no password copy as root

Steven Heimann steven at
Wed Nov 9 03:46:34 UTC 2005

I am trying to perform a passwordless scp from one computer to my
desktop which is running Ubuntu 5.10.

I have performed the usual key generation and copied it to my desktop.
I am sure the keys were generated without a password.  The system works
fine as an ordinary user but I can't get it to work as root.

I have tried :

1. creating a root password on the desktop.  I can perform the copy once
the password is supplied even thogh there is definitely a passwordless
entry authorized_keys.

2. changing PermitRootLogin from yes to without-password.  This results
in the password still being asked for but not accepted.

3.  putting a copy of authosized_keys in authorized_keys2

4.  making a copy in /home/root/.ssh (just in case it might work)

What could be stopping me doing the root copy?  ( I need to do it as
root as this is backing up a database server with files owned by a
number of different users and some files are read only)

Thank you

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