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Tue Nov 8 23:37:34 UTC 2005

Wade Smart Wrote: 
> 11082005 1539 GMT-5
> I just got Sidenet Wine Config Utility Version 1.9.0 from 10 29 2005.
> It 
> says: "Caution: This utility requires wine >=20040716. Tested with wine
> 0.9."
> Im looking in Synaptic and I see wine 0.0.20050725-0ubuntu1.
> This is the wrong version of wine.
> How do you get a older version of wine?
> Wade
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Actually, you could go to the Wine homepage
and download the newest version, wine 0.9 in .deb format.
It's been tested on Ubuntu Breezy, so it should work(it does for me!).
I believe it works with Sidenet just fine.

Once you download the .debs, you can install them by moving to the
where they are sitting and typing this in the terminal:
> sudo dpkg -i  (insert the full name of the wine package you downloaded
> here)

Just so you know, you don't have to use Sidenet or any other utility if
you install the .debs,unless you must have IE or something, since Wine
works well out of the box.


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