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Tue Nov 8 20:24:09 UTC 2005


as i sometimes have fun testing new software on my testlab partition i
desided to test that "prozilla-2.0-cvs-19-9-2005"

got: prozilla-2.0-cvs-19-9-2005.tar.gz

from here: http://prozilla.genesys.ro/?p=download

(i wonder why here no files: http://sourceforge.net/projects/prozilla)

unpacked it

    hacker at testlab:~/foo$ tar -xvzf prozilla-2.0-cvs-19-9-2005.tar.gz

runned the configure script

    hacker at testlab:~/foo/prozilla-2.0-cvs-19-9-2005$ ./configure

then make

    hacker at testlab:~/foo/prozilla-2.0-cvs-19-9-2005$ make

i didnt want to install it on my system so started it from src dir

    hacker at testlab:~/foo/prozilla-2.0-cvs-19-9-2005/src$ ./proz ftp://ftp.fu-berlin.de/linux/ubuntu/releases/5.10/ubuntu-5.10-install-i386.iso

and here a screenie

[image: http://osku.de/ext-stuff/prozilla-cvs-test.jpg]

i think "configure variations" is explained allready: if they are not
explained in any install or readme file that came with the package,
read the configure (or "./configure --help") file yourself  or contact
the authors...

and btw. compiling programs from cvs is the last place where a "noob"
without patience should mess with...

but feel free to post your error messages that you get from ./configure
or make. i would be happy to help, if i can...




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