No sound on thinkpad 600

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Thanks for the info. This is a TP 600. Truth is I like
the old pad: looks wornout, unatractive and less
likely to be stolen.... so I can take it about freely.
I am not giving up yet on the TP. Plse send me the
info links. 


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On 11/6/05, sunny odum <sunnyodum at> wrote:
> I gave this old TP 600 a new ubuntu 5.10 live.
> The breezy badger installed well on the TP except
> the video and sound. I tweaked it a bit and got the
> video working.
> I just couldn't get the sound to work. I believed
> is well configured. The sound card is not visible to
> the system

- the lspci revealed the snd card disabled
> and the lsmod does not list the sound card.
> How can I enable the sound card and what is the
> problem?
> Thanks,
> Sunny.


Is this the 600E.  I know I had one of these for a
while.  I could
never get sound working on it.  There are plenty of
websites that talk
about it.  I can find my old bookmarks if you want. 
My 600E crashed
on me about 6 months ago and I replaced it.  It was a
problem.  The problem was that the sound card was
actually something
different then what it is detected as.  As far as I
know, there isn't
a distro out there where you have to fight to get
sound to work on
this laptop.  Sorry.


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