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Tue Nov 8 17:02:47 UTC 2005

On 08/11/05, eric dan <vladuz976 at> wrote:
> does anybody know where i can find a beginner's guide to irssi?
> the irssi website takes certain knowledge for granted and does not
> explain.
> i want to find out how i can autojoin freenode and identify and join
> channels on startup without becoming an irssi guru.
> can anybody help with this?

All the information you are asking for is there on the site, and it doesnt
assume certain knowlege... It tells you what you neet to type such as
/network add -auto blah blah blah, and /channel add -auto blah blah blah.

I suggest that you give the whole getting started document a good read then
go back and do the bits you want to. Dont just find the piece you want then
start typing the commands they give as examples, read the whole section then
go back and do what you need.

Hope this helps.
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