How to issue ATX3 to modem?

John Talbot jtalbot at
Tue Nov 8 00:45:48 UTC 2005

I friend of mine is trying to use Ubuntu with his modem.

He setup his modem by going to System->Administration->Networking

Unfortunately the country he's in is one of those that don't have a 
modem-compatible dialtone. So he tries to set the ATX3 command 
somewhere, but there was no place to put it in.

Then he saw there's a connection between this Networking Settings tool 
and the file /etc/chatscripts/ppp0 , so he tries to tweak that file.

When he inserts X3 between AT and DT6187236 , the phone number is no 
longer recognized by Network Settings.

So then he tries to insert X3 in some of the other strings, and he had 
no success in making this command pass through to the modem when he 
tries to dial from inside the Network Settings graphical tool.

Apparently Network Settings just takes the phone number from that file 
and then runs its own script, there's no other way I can explain this.

What are we to do? (We and all modem users in this country)

- John

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