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Mon Nov 7 16:23:21 UTC 2005

Wouldn't it be enought to present the user the license upon installation
with the options something like, [Yes - install this forsaken codec] [No -
I'll use ogg]??
Is this legally different than putting instructions on the web on how to go
about doing it manually? ITs not rhetorical, I reall don't know how that is

 On 11/7/05, Timothy A. Holmes <tholmes at> wrote:
> Timothy A. Holmes wrote:
> >Having worked in a couple linux distros, that is a fairly common
> >sequence. And in my opinion, it is something that the linux community
> >has got to fix --- basic stuff has just gotta work, Sorry folks, say
> >all you want, but in the business of computers and dealing with average
> >(non technical) users, playing DVDs and MP3s is basic services, and the
> >excuse of "it's a proprietary format, we cant include it" sounds an
> >awful lot like "its too hard for us to figure out" or "our operating
> >system is second rate". We know that this is not the case, but that
> >doesn't carry any water with the general public.
> >
> >Just my USD.02
> >
> >
> Hi Tim,
> If you would care to read
> then perhaps you would understand.
> I'll see your two cents and raise you the chance to use Free Software.
> Just my smiley. :-)
> Regards,
> Paul O'Malley
> [Timothy A. Holmes]
> Hi Paul:
> I have read that document, and I totally understand, however the general
> user community does not buy that argument, because they get the software
> "FREE" with windows. The problem is not with me, but with the user
> community at large, My contention is that there needs to be an easy way
> to install the software within the linux distros while keeping inside
> the legal parameters -- I do understand whats going on here, but however
> valid those arguments are, when I say that to a windows user, the
> response will be, Well, give me windows back.
> We in the linux community need to provide EXCELLENT (IN-DEPTH)
> Documentation on how to make these things work, that are as painless as
> possible, be it synaptic, or rpm or whatever, and its gotta work the
> first time everytime for users who download / whatever the software
> --
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