2 Soundcards Simultaniously

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On Mon, Nov 07, 2005 at 12:58:34PM +0530, Ashwani Jain wrote:
> I Have HP DX2000MT and its has builtin soundcard.  I tried to install
> one additional soundcard of Yamah but Ubuntu 5.10 is not even
> it.  Is it possible to have 2 soundcards working simultaniously or
> I have to disable built in one.  Please tell how to configure ubuntu
> work with 2 soundcards simultanously

You can use as many cards as you wish provided they're supported by
ALSA. Is your built-in sound chipset working properly with 5.10? Which
additional sound card did you attempt to install?
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Both the sound cards are individually compatible to Ububtu. But when we
putting them together, then only one of them is getting detected. So
the problem. The details of the card are:

Built in -Sound Max Integrated Digital Audio (AC 97)

Add on : Yamaha DS-XG (YMF724F)

The problem is how do we make them work together at the same time.


Thanks & regards

Ashwani Jain
Systems Administrator
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