Please Help, I'm begging you: new Powerbook install problem 5.10

Jan Moren jan.moren at
Mon Nov 7 01:19:43 UTC 2005

sön 2005-11-06 klockan 20:00 -0500 skrev Eric Dunbar:
> All right, I re-read your post elsewhere and noticed the "new"
> monniker and the "super drive" comment.
> Presumably you're running some newer flavour of PowerBook G4?
> <flippant remark> If so, _why_ are you trying to install a Linux onto
> it. 

Yes, that is flippant. It's also a little unneccesary and slightly
condescending. It implicitly assumes that we all run Linux simply
because we are unable to run a "real OS" like OSX.

You would not consider the possibility that some people may like the
design of the Apple hardware over bland x86 notebooks, but really prefer
the user/work/programming environment of Linux over OSX, due to habit,
taste, or need?

> It's kind of like buying a Porsche and driving on a 20 km/h
> street, you're going to lose out on the advantages of a new machine,
> without gaining the benefits inherent in a Porsche (don't give me the
> nonsense of "it runs faster" b/c on a fast G4 you're not going to
> notice a whit of difference)! </flippant remark>

No, it's getting a semi, but with two-tone paint and some extra chrome.
You want to look good when driving, but you still want and need the
truck, not a two-seater.

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