Another Unofficial UbuntuGuide?

'Forum Post ulist at
Sun Nov 6 18:05:48 UTC 2005

I only installed Ubuntu about 10 days ago so maybe I'm not far enough
into it, but I don't see why a new or different guide is needed. The
present one is very concise and seems more than sufficient.  

This is how I use it: I copy only those entries I need for one specific
thing --- for example, I'm setting up my sound right now, so I copied
everything I found in the guide about sound that seemed to pertain to
my situation, hardware, etc. I pasted it into a document with the

title, ahem, "Sound". Now I can open it anytime I need to from my
desktop and look it over while I'm working on my sound. This is a lot
better than trying to copy bits and peices from the internet to a
console, also better than saving and opening a h-u-u-ge document, PDF
or otherwise. As I finish with each copied document, I save it to a
disk where I am keeping Linux docs that I find useful.

Maybe downloading a PDF would be more efficient for some people, but it
seems to me you'd end up with a lot of stuff that is no use at all.
Example: there's quite a bit about networks, wireless stuff, and so on;
I don't have these things so I don't really want all that extra info
clogging my space.

As for a completely new guide, from a different source, I don't think
so. I like

coming to the same place, getting to know the guys handing out answers
so I can judge who knows what they're talking about and who doesn't. I
think I'll just keep hanging around the official sites.


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