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> > Hi Norman,
> > 
> > I expect the package you need is either
> > 
> > openoffice.org2-l10n-cy - Welsh language package for
> It was and the rest of your instructions were just perfect, thanks. One
> thing that has puzzled me however, is that the edit -> wizard in
> openoffice fails to work properly. Any ideas or is this a bug?
> Norman

I found that all the wizards were horribly slow to start. I think they rely on java, and the default java in breezy is the "Free "  one, which I think has some maturing to do...  I found installing sunj2re  improved matters somewhat. The wizards are still, um, rather unresponsive.

There's also a "Java" section in openoffice2 under Tools -Options -Java  where you can specify which java installation to use.

Probably the easiest way to get java (other than the default version) is to install


which will pull in the runtime stuff: in this case Blackdown java.   This  is in "multiverse". If you want the whole Sun java disaster, read for instructions, or visit #ubuntu on and ask the bot about  "javadeb"  ;)   (  /msg ubotu javadeb  )

If you decide to install a different runtime,  make sure you run

sudo update-alternatives --config java

afterwards ( that will tell the system which java to use and it's very easy, you just type a number to identify your preference)


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