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Lee Braiden lee_b at
Thu Nov 3 10:03:54 UTC 2005

On Thursday 03 November 2005 05:01, wrote:
> DTP what I mean is look like PageMaker, for publishing magazine,
> newspaper, brochure, etc. Specially for page layout. But not Scribus.
> Is there any?

DTP programs aren't so much "specially for page layout" as they are specially 
for WYSIWYG and high-quality printing and colour matching, and managing large 
documents, and generally doing the things that word-processors/computers from 
the 1980s/early 90s couldn't handle in one integrated app.  Most of that has 
changed radically in recent years.

Load up OpenOffice2 Writer, open the help manual (make sure to install it if 
you haven't already) and read the stuff under the Desktop Publishing heading.  
When you're done, and fully understand the implications of what those tools 
can do for you, then search the help for any features you need that weren't 
mentioned there.  If you have specific print issues, that OOo2 doesn't 
handle, then also check the docs for CUPS (and the GNOME-CUPS or KDE Print 
subsystems).  You'll more than likely find that you can do what you need.  
Maybe even in a more modern, nicer way :)

Lee Braiden

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