HOW-TO: Giving up Ubuntu

Jason Straight jason at
Thu Nov 3 06:27:50 UTC 2005

On Thursday 03 November 2005 01:12, Serg Belokamen wrote:
> This is a usless post and only re-emphesises opinions of others that
> Linux community are zelots! If your friend wants to use windows; then
> by all means....
> In regards to security, windows can be made as secure as any *nix
> system. People just dont do it.
> Dont get me wrong here, I dont use Windows much at all (not even at
> work) but fact remains that you just like MS got envolved in FUD
> approach.

No, I just made a joke. It's funny - laugh, go ahead, it's ok. None of your 
windows friends are watching ;)

I'll be the first person to say linux isn't for everyone, neither is windows, 
hell - some people shouldn't even bother trying to use a computer at all.

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