Can I ask that Kmemaid be added to the repository

Dave M G martin at
Thu Nov 3 01:17:09 UTC 2005

Ubuntu Users,

        I'm not sure how packages get decided on for the official Ubuntu
repositories. But I've been told I should only use what is in the
Universe repository, so I'm hoping this request will be met somehow.

        I have an interest in the program "memaid". There is already one
version of it in the Ubuntu repositories called "memaid-pyqt".

        However it is lacking an important feature, which is proper
Unicode support. I would like to use the program for studying Japanese,
so this is critical.

        Looking at the following web site:

        It seems that another variant of the software, kmemaid, does
properly support Unicode.

        So is it possible for this package to be made available on

Dave M G

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