HOW-TO: Giving up Ubuntu

Duncan Lithgow duncan at
Wed Nov 2 20:36:34 UTC 2005

Lee Braiden wrote:

>Just please, remember, at a minimum, you'll need to:
>* install a firewall
>* install an anti-virus program
>* install anti-spyware software
>* keep them all up-to-date with the latest security patches (read their 
>websites for the latest security news).  This applies to any other software 
>you install too.  You don't see this problem on Linux because of apt (ie, 
>synaptic) but it's a serious issue that you need to be aware of on windows, 
>and work to stay ahead of.
>* use windows update aggressively to keep windows itself up to date.
>I'd also recommend switching to firefox and sunbird rather than IE and Outlook 
>too.  Or at least, go into IE's security settings and lock it down as much as 
>possible.  Learn about all the options in the security tab, and how to enable 
>the web features you need, without giving sites too much power over your 
I wrote a windows security guide for some friend, and that's basically
the same as what I wrote (just much shorter).

So, yup Michael that's the drawback of windows - but yes you can make it
work, and be stable enough.


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