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Wed Nov 2 19:38:27 UTC 2005

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> > Maybe this should go to the ICEWM list...but maybe someone here can
> > help. 
> > 
> > Everytime I log out of ICEWM ( which I LOVE) and try to shutdown 
> from> GDM it asks me for the ROOT password. Of course there is no root
> > password on my system so I have to then login to Gnome. and shutdown
> > from there. Weird things happen if I try to shutdown or reboot from
> > ICEWM...I usually end up at a login prompt, sometimes GDM comes back
> > into play, sometimes it doesn't.

> May one assume Hoary?  I had that problem (I'm also an IceWM user) 
> until my upgrade to Breezy.

  Nope. Using Breezy.  Maybe I'll ask on the ICe list.


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