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Wed Nov 2 09:20:29 UTC 2005


A couple of anoyance I have with breezy:
1. ntp at boot does not sync my clock (same behavior as under hoary). I already changed the ntp-server in /etc/ntp.conf and added the IP in /etc/hosts so that no DNS lookup is necessary. 
2. how can I duplicate my specific firefox settings (themes & extensions) to another user on the system, or better, can I install once these themes and extensions so that all users will have the same settings
3. I have in the classroom a ubuntu system and want to graphically login to it from my office. I can launch individual programs over a ssh connection and work, but I would like to know if and how it is possible to get the full desktop available on my VT8 terminal?
4. On my DELL Inspiron 5100 I have a port replicator from TARGUS (Model PA090) connecting to one of the USB ports of my PC. Sometimes Gnome finds the printer connected to the USB port (/dev/lpUSB ???), sometimes it does not. If the connection is found, than the printer (Lexmark Optra T614) is mostly in sleep mode and for each print job I have to enable it several times. At the moment the printer is not detected at all and I have no printing capability. A solution someone?

Thanks for helping out

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