Gnome Window Background and Side Panel Changes for Newbie.

Alex Janssen alex at
Wed Nov 2 00:34:51 UTC 2005

'Forum Post said the following on 11/01/2005 01:57 PM:

>This is an absolute annoyance, and to date I still haven't figured out a
>workaround. I have an AMD 64 xeon kernel, latest updates for Hoary
>Hedgehog 64-bit edition. Nautilus does the same problem outlined here,
>yet I have to date Never been able to get the patterns/colors to drag
>on to Any of the panels on the Nautilus Browser...I've even messed with
>Themes/Gconf with same problems.
>Bad times.
I can get colors and patterns to drag onto the right pane, but not the 
left in Nautilus 2.12.1 in Breezy.


Charlottesville, Virginia

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