Gnome sound and hot key

Shannon McMackin mcmackin at
Tue Nov 1 03:06:18 UTC 2005

Sarangan Thuraisingham wrote:
> Hi all,
>   My laptops Fn + PGUP/PGDWN keys should increase or reduce the volume
> of the soundcard. But when I press them I get a small window that shows
> the sound bar increasing, but nothing happens. The actual volumne level
> is unchanged.
>  I happy that, atleast Gnome can recognise the key presses as Volume up
> and down. But what I want to do really is change the actual volume. Do
> any of you know, where that setting is. One thing I realised while using
> the Volume control(the one that you can open by right clicking on the
> speaker in the notification area) is that when I press the function keys
>  the master volume changes. This is OK when I am using the laptop
> speakers, but not when I am home where I use the headphone out.
> Thanks in advance :D
>  - Saru
Have you checked applications-sound and video-volume control?

Sometimes the inputs or outputs can be muted.  Make sure your inputs are
muted so there are no conflicts and unmute and adjust the outputs to
your liking.


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