Displaying X on two monitors simultaneously on a ThinkPad R50.

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Tue Nov 1 01:24:31 UTC 2005

TreeBoy Wrote: 
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> Hi,


> I have a T20 and I switch on/off the external display using the BIOS
> and 

> function keys (Fn key plus the F7 key on my T20).

My wife has the old T20 workhorse.. And on that it does work though the
BIOS. On the newer models like the T40 series (not sure exactly when)
IBM switched the function to work via software instead. So, we need
some sort of driver to toggle the display devices. I just didn't expect
to actually have a display on the VGA out by default.

The TPB package does most everything else (OSC for volume, etc.) - but
not screen control. This is one of the few downsides I've found from
going with linux insted of XP, which I'm sure someone has/will tackle.



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