keymap, maybe

Mike S michael_six at
Mon May 30 19:25:41 UTC 2005

mike s wrote:

> ok, I am submitting this to both debian-powerpc and ubuntu because I 
> am having the same problem in both distributions, and am totallly 
> baffled.  Two days ago the keys control, option, and shift, all 
> stopped being recognized once the kernel took control.  I mistakenly 
> thought it was just my beyboard, but upon further testing, I found 
> that more often than not these keys do work in OS X and in OS 9.  This 
> keyboard is going bad, and I am getting a new one, but since they do 
> not work at all in linux, I fear this will not solve the problem I am 
> having.
> By once the kernel grabs ahold I mean that at the boot prompt I am 
> able to type capitals and the colon that I need for the video argument 
> to the kernel, but then after boot, can't do control c, and can't use 
> shift for capitals or any of the other symbols shift is needed for. 
> underscore, parenthesis, quotations, etc.
> Any help is as always welcomed.
> --Mike S
> oh yeah, I am using the macally iMediakey, and getting the macally 
> iKey II, the only difference is the new one won't have the media 
> buttons that I never used anyways.
One more thing, I already tried dpkg-reconfigure console-data to change 
the keymap, but on neither distribution did that help

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