help mounting usb hard drive formatted as ntfs

Niran Babalola iamniran at
Mon May 30 05:04:41 UTC 2005

On 5/29/05, solemneyed <solemneyed at> wrote:
>  root at valinor:/home/solemneyed # mount -t ntfs /dev/sda /mnt/lacie
>  mount: /dev/sda is not a valid block device

Try /dev/sda1 instead. After you plug in the drive, type

$ fdisk -l

and it should show you the correct partition to write, which is
usually /dev/sda1. The USB drive as a whole is /dev/sda, and it can
have multiple numbered partitions, just like the other (non-cdrom)
partitions you see in your fstab. I've had issues with having a
concrete mount point for my USB drive in my fstab, because sometimes
the drive will be added as /dev/sdb depending on various

- Niran

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