Creating a NAT with one eth interface

Luis Murillo lmurillo at
Mon May 30 02:17:33 UTC 2005

> If not, just let the DSL modem/router do the DHCP and NAT and let your
> server do whatever else you need it to do.

Actually this was the original idea, but I'm going through all this work
because of the WinXP machine. When I tell the WinXP machine to get the IP
from a DHCP server, it gets it but won't be able to connect to the Internet,
and it's very wierd. I would install Linux on it, but the machine is needed
with WinXP. I have no idea why it won't connect to the Internet, I have
checked everything I can think of and have rebooted the machine a couple of
times, I even turned it off and unplugged it.

I guess that the solution would be to reconfigure the network, it's not that
big of a network anyways :)

So thanks for your help, if I ever solve this problem then I will post the
results to this list :)


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